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Nelson-based practitioner Linda Woodgate is set to go global with her extensive range of practical tools that equip others to make change in their lives with surprising ease.

Viewers of the new Web TV show called “Authentic You” (which serendipitously has a similar name to Linda’s series) will see Linda frequently as she delivers punchy two-minute vignettes packed with simple yet effective techniques for change. For example, ‘stress-busters’ such as breathing exercises that you can build into daily routines, have an immediate effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Responding to the high levels of stress seen in her clients and audiences of all ages, Linda has also designed a series called ‘The A to Z of Success of the Authentic You’. She says it is important that we become empowered with insight into ourselves and that we have the tools that bring about the desired change. For example ‘A’ is for anger, an emotion that many wish to manage differently, while ‘Z’ is for zero- balancing; a concept of becoming and maintaining constant centredness and balance in all areas of our lives. These very real aspects of simply being human will be covered during thirty-minute episodes on Authentic You Web TV in a dynamic way that reflects the new Energies available to us now.

An emphasis Linda wishes to make is that creating change in our lives is no longer the drawn-out, laborious process it was once perceived to be. She states that her goal is to foster fun and happiness through easily-learned practices that slot comfortably into our lives. An experienced practitioner and teacher of numerous modalities, Linda offers on-going inspiration and tangible support by way of workshops, consultations, newsletters and is a sought-out presenter at Mind Body Spirit festivals throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Contact: LindaWoodgate@live.com Ph:021 188 5778  Web: www.lindawoodgate.com