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If you have been thinking an inspection of the quality of your life is overdue, Life Coach Mikal Nielsen invites you to take an in-depth look at whether ‘you are driving life or life is driving you’. Cleverly using the analogy of your familiar car, Mikal guides clients and audiences through a less-familiar concept, the power of your human mind. His goal is to put you firmly back in the driver seat, help you change gears and rev up your engine!

Your car engine represents the passion needed to prevent you from driving around aimlessly with your spark plugs only half-charged. Reaching global audiences from his North Canterbury base in New Zealand, Mikal is literally driven to help others discover the keys to a passionately, authentically lived life.

Viewers of his newly-launched web TV show called “Awareness- The Key to the Driver Seat” will be treated to thirty-minute episodes where Mikal tackles the complex and deftly turns it into simple everyday experiences. Mikal points out that unlike many other mentors he is not aiming to impart book-loads of information about the power of our minds. Instead, he aims to create opportunities for people to recognise their own innate potential themselves. Drawing on many years of life and business coaching he has that rare ability to use dynamic dialogue, with some quirky drawings thrown in, to guide others to their own ‘aha!-moments’.

Mikal is well-known for his modern meditations and sprinkled throughout his shows are ‘meditation snacks’ of one to two minutes duration. Perhaps they should be called ‘pit-stops’? Another feature will be guest appearances from clients and colleagues who share their experience of Mikal’s work and how this has expressed in their lives.

An arrival at an unexpected place that wasn’t in the itinerary can be an uplifting and empowering moment that other off-road adventures are built upon. With Mikal as your Driving Instructor, you can be assured of the wisdom and the fun of thirty years’ journeying on the highway of personal growth. For those viewers who would like to take a one-to-one road trip with Mikal they can come on a three week Skype programme called ‘Living on Purpose’ to clarify what they want in life and how to achieve this. Climb onboard at www.authenticyou.tv with Mikal Nielsen’s “Awareness- The Key to the Driver Seat” for the ride of your Life!

Mikal Nielsen can be contacted at info@mikal.co.nz