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Transmute, Transcend, Transform TV Series

Isn’t it time to heal for real and show up being your authentic self? It brings me great joy to share my healing wisdom and experience with you so that you too can maximize what I call Your Healing Potential™.


Thankfully, after eighteen surgeries and 40 years of a dis-abling neurological disease, I stepped out of the medical box and opened to the power of energy healing,

vibrational medicine, and alternative healing modalities. I began to trust in the unknown forces of nature, the energy field and quantum physics. I learned to allow the flow of grace to nurture and heal me. The more I released the “old baggage” the more I received guidance and messages that opened me widely to my own gifts as an intuitive and channel. It happens when you say yes and open your heart and soul to the unknown. In that space HEALING HAPPENS!!!!! In that space you transmute, transcend and transform~mind, body & soul.

Episode 3 – Time to Show Up not Cover Up with Laura Mayer and Special Guest

Join us as my guest, Jeff Malderez, shares with us his process of what it means to transmute, transcend and transform.  The show is all about having the courage to Show Up Not Cover Up.  Ask yourself how can you engage in that process.

To find out more about Jeff visit: www.jeffmalderez.com



Transmute, Transcend, Transform – Replays
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Laura MayerLaura Mayer, founder of SoulDancing Healing Practice is an International healer, inspirational speaker, teacher and occupational therapist. In workshops and individual coaching sessions, Laura utilizes an integrative approach to Inner Child/Original Wound Healing while bridging decades of clinical experience, personal transformation and her intuitive prowess into a road map for anyone willing to step up the plate and take their life into their own hands. Laura is a certified facilitator in Soul Memory Discovery and Indigo Spiritual Healing.

Author of Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss, a memoir based on her courage to “step out of the medical box” and co-author in ‘Healing from Within’ part of the best selling series Adventure in Manifesting. Laura’s currently writing her second book, Step Up to the Plate: Heal for Real. Her determination, tenacity, and grace are an example of possibility and provide the impetus for others to heal for real™. For further information on individual sessions, workshops and speaking engagements, visit www.dancingheartdancinghands.com Laura@dancingheartdancinghands.com Skype: Dancinghands1