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Show # 4  “A Quantum Viewpoint on the Law of Attraction”

In this episode Dr Alex will share with you leading insights about the Quantum Nature of our Body and Mind as it relates to Shaping our Lives through the Law of Attraction.
He will also share with you the 5 things that interfere most with the Law of Attraction, and help you capture a vision of what is possible for you for 2015 and beyond!

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Dr Alex Rodwell

 About  Dr Alex Rodwell For the past 12 years, Dr Alex has been studying everything he can about health, healing and maximising human potential. This journey has taken him half way around the world, and he has had the opportunity to study extensively with some of the brightest minds that are alive on the planet today.

After experiencing more than his fair share of challenges, obstacles, trauma, setbacks and things he would have to overcome early in his life, Dr Alex sought to understand as much as he can about health, healing and maximising human potential, both to solve many of the challenges he faced personally, as well as having a heart felt desire to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of his nation and world.

After facing and overcoming two significant health challenges at age 8 and age 21, Dr. Alex Rodwell has become a sought after Teacher and Speaker. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, he is the founder of Alex’s Transformational Living Academy and Life Expressions Network Spinal Analysis Center and he speaks and leads workshops both locally and abroad.

Alex enjoys a wellness lifestyle and loves helping others to empower positive change in their lives. Dr. Alex was born in Melbourne, Australia. Since graduating from RMIT Uni Melbourne’s Chiropractic Program in 2006, Alex has wanted to be on the leading edge of healing mastery, and has persued this interest both within and outside of his profession. Since 2010, Alex has been proud to call New Zealand his home!

Dr. Alex has a strong love of helping others. His purpose is to serve humanity through helping men, women and children to activate their full health and life potential.

In 2012, Dr Alex finished writing his first book, and in the past year has been asked to lead ‘Transformational Living Workshops’ both locally and abroad. He loves inspiring others to new possibilities, giving them the tools, understanding and support they need on their journey of healing and transformation.

Most notably, Dr Alex has a unique ability to blend complex teachings with powerful stories, both from his own personal experience and the experience of working with 100’s and now 1000’s of others.

Dr Alex is an avid writer, and has contributed to articles, and feature on radio.  It is a joy to be journeying with you at Authentic YOU TV  and sharing the latest knowledge and practical demonstrations of what is possible when it comes to healing your body, healing your mind, transforming your life and awakening the Authentic You!