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New Time Waves Flow - Vasumi

The New Time Waves – Uncovering The Harmonic Matrix

Vasumi has been blessed in this life to have realised her calling and life mission, introducing the codes of the New Time… Along with other planetary teachers worldwide, her role is to share this work predominantly in the Australasian region, which she has been doing for the past 18 years… This region is known to initiate the First Light, the New Earth and the New Time…
As an avid explorer of these and other codes, which are now deeply embodied, Vasumi is now authentically able to offer guidance as to the tracks we must take, to reclaim our birthright of abundance, harmony and living a life of inspiration, as artists in service to the whole… And please allow the term Artists to be expansive and to embrace all that we do, when it embraces a creative and intelligent honour of all of life…

Discover the 13 Tones of the Mayan Dreamspell‏ – Episode 4

She is also offers a discounted price of $13 for this years 13 Moon Calendar that allows you to follow the codes of the New Time…

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Vasumi Telos

Vasumi has been on the search for truth her whole life and has taken deep paths to stretch the edges of the accepted norm… In this she is so grateful to have pierced through to the harmonic foundation that is the basis that flows through all of life, deeper than conditioned fear… In this program it is her intent to share the deep wisdom and foundations of that ever-evolving foundation pattern informed by the cosmos…
She is a lively and empathic teacher and has a knack of sharing seemingly complex truths in a simple easy-to-understand way… She lives to share this work as well as experience it in action in the communities she lives in as she travels and ignites communities of people wherever she is called to be…
She also offers Skype or in-person sessions which can be viewed on her website www.timewaves.org or by emailing her at lovevasumi@yahoo.com

Additional resource: www.lawoftime.org