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The Golden Age Children - Creators of the New Earth        Annette Hanham

Golden Age Children – Creators of The New Earth

Annette will walk alongside you and your Golden Age Children as she describes who they are and why they are incarnating in vast numbers at this time. She will provide you with keys to understanding and supporting them, whilst inviting you to discover the ‘golden self’ within you!

Episode 2

Topic: “Why are the Golden Age Children incarnating now?”

A surprise is in store for presenter, Annette Hanham, as her guides invite her to throw away her notes and “Wing it with the Angels!” Requested to model a leap of faith, Annette surrenders to her Higher Self to present this month’s episode and openly admits it was much better than she would have planned!

Powerful Sound Healing is brought through to heal ancient wounds from the demise of former Golden Ages such as Lemuria and Atlantes, as well as insights in to the reasons the Golden Age Children are incarnating in significant numbers now.

Replay – Why are the Golden Age Children incarnating now? – Episode 2

Replay Golden Age Children –  Episode 1 


Mentoring Families and Educators of The Golden Age Children

Special offer of $30 (normally $45) per session

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Skype session – 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes for NZ$80.00

Contact details: E-mailannette@goldenagementor.co.nz

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Annette HanhamAbout Annette

Given the ‘job description’ by Spirit of “Golden Age Mentor” one of Annette’s tasks is to mentor families and educators as we literally re-birth a new golden age on Earth.

Annette is a voice for the children who are incarnating in increasing numbers as the ‘way-showers’ to living on a fifth-dimensional planet; the future New Earth, and is currently writing a book on this fascinating topic.

Annette is a pioneer in educating  others about the remarkable and much misunderstood children often referred to as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children. She is an intuitive channel, writer, speaker, healer and workshop presenter who incorporates channelled Sound such as Celestial Songs and Harmonic Tones into her work.

She is also a “Heart Healer”; having undergone the journey of grief herself, she inspires others to make the quantum leap from Grief to Grace and invites you to read Chapter one of her first book ‘Dry Your Tears- a Mother finds the Gift of Love through Grief’  http://goldenagementor.co.nz/dry-your-tears-by-little-grace/chapter-one-the-sound-of-a-breaking-heart/

Annette lives totally surrendered to Spirit. She is the mother and grandmother of Golden Age Children and is an Indigo/Crystal Child herself.

Contact details: E-mailannette@goldenagementor.co.nz

Website: http://goldenagementor.co.nz/