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Success Of The Authentic You with Linda Woodgate


Hello, my name is Linda Woodgate. I am the creator and presenter of the series “Success of the Authentic You.”   I would love you to join me as I show people just like you, from all walks of life, how to “Move That Mood.” Whatever your personal version of stress is- be it anxiety, doubt, anger, frustration, overwhelming odds stacked against you, lack of confidence, those thoughts of I am not worthy – in fact all forms of emotions and feelings- I will show you how to experience all of them more positively, and how to work with them instantly, to
bring about change easily and effortlessly for yourself. You will love the ease at which you can Move That Mood. Over the series I will help you build a tool box that contains the A to Z of Success of Authentic You. As you join me with lots of short videos, just a few minutes long, your tool box will quickly be filled with stress buster techniques that are simple and easy to use anytime, anywhere, anyplace so that YOU can Move That Mood. The tools I will share with you include different ways of looking at stress and will help you to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually clear old ways of thinking that no longer serve you. SO If you want to Move That Mood tune into Authentic Web TV to catch some quick stress busters or to watch some thirty-minute episodes with me. And check out my website lindawoodgate.com. Let me support your journey to…Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!

Episode 13 opens with a quick review of Interpretation, Intuition, Instinct from the last programme before we move to the “J’s” and this time its Judgement, Jealousy, Joy. This continues with the building of the ‘A to Z of the Success of the Authentic You’. This programme focuses on why the choices we make effect the change in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of us and how these varying circumstances sometimes take us out of our comfort zone.

Plus of course ways to ‘Move that Mood’ quickly and successfully for you.

  Live, laugh and love your moments.


PRODUCT OFFER:     A one hour Skype session with Linda to start the creation of your personal ’tool box’. Normally $120 now reduced  to $80.  Plus I have created unique visualisation CD’s to compliment each episode. $15 including freepost.
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Linda WoodgateAbout Linda

Live, Laugh and love your Moments!

A wealth of life experiences in corporate, media, and the forces when living in my birth country of England have shaped me into a gifted communicator with the ability to share and teach others in a relaxed, informal way.

Having fallen in love with New Zealand whilst travelling, I am now a Motueka-based practitioner of twenty years experience in Natural Health, who brings valuable communication and teaching skills to the world of wholistic health of mind, body and spirit.

As an experienced Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Teacher, Indian Head Massage practitioner and teacher, and several other modalities, I have observed the level of stress prevalent in clients and audiences. By meshing components of several modalities I have responded to this with a programme specifically aimed at reducing stress and ‘moving moods’ in very easy, fast and fun ways.

Another string to my bow comes from having owned and operated an organic store and café in Motueka. It was an entirely new venture in a new country and experiences such as this enables me to inspire others to make the changes to allow them to live their dreams. I am able to offer very comprehensive information to support their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

I am passionate about helping others to realise the changes they seek and to make it happen with ease and relative speed. Constantly in touch with people from all walks of life, I recognise the need for tools that people can integrate into their daily lives. My deep and compassionate understanding of others is reflected in my favourite expression “Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!”

Linda Woodgate  E: LindaWoodgate@live.com