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The Light Fusion Frequencies are based on fields of Consciousness

Vibrational fields that regulate or determine the world of our thoughts and feelings. Consciousness fields are coded holographic light forms, multi-dimensional geometric patterns. It is the Sun that is fully guiding us now and through its Light, we are mutating to reach our full genetic human potential. We are in a metamorphic process of solar generated alchemy that is changing our bodies from a carbon-based blueprint to a finely tuned silicon-crystal system. So we welcome you to allow us to assist you in reawakening your loving light energies.

Only light can touch the essence of our soul!

 Be the Light in Your World.

Mindfulness – Episode 7

Mindfulness: How it can help to deal with self-criticism or other negative feelings? Feelings of unworthiness, shame, and self-hatred seem to show up all too often in daily life – we see it in our work, our families, and maybe even experience it ourselves. How have you used mindfulness – in your work or in your life – to deal with self-criticism or other negative feelings? With Mindfulness we can start to heal a negative self-image and love ourselves. ________________________________________________________________ Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. We often treat thoughts as if they are facts. For example: “I am no good at this,” “He’s is a jerk,” “Nobody understands me,” “I am brilliant,” etc. When we have a thought many times it can condense into a belief. A belief is just a thought or thoughts that we have a lot of the time. Beliefs can then be taken as facts. For example: “The world is flat” – enough people had that thought often enough for it to be assumed to be a fact for centuries! When we start to pay attention to our thoughts, then we start to think about thinking and we move away from believing that the thought is a fact. Sometimes it is easier to understand something in terms of what it is not. Here are some examples of mindLESSness: Breaking things, spilling things, clumsiness, accidents because of carelessness, inattention or thinking about something else. Failing to notice subtle or not-so-subtle feelings of physical discomfort, pain, tension etc. Having periods of time where you have difficulty remembering the details of what happened – running on autopilot. Doing several things at once rather than focussing on one thing at a time. Why would anyone hate themselves? Within our culture there is a level of self-criticism, self-judgment, self-hatred that seems to show itself as soon as people become quiet and try to do the inner work of the heart. This tends to make us feel when we have had some sort of trauma, that there is something wrong with me. There’s shame, there’s guilt, there’s unworthiness which then becomes the default mode for many.

Mindfulness in Loving kindness becomes the healing blocks for the body and self.


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In Mandy’s workshops and private consultations, she teaches how to access those memories of where these patterns began in our present lives, ancestral, and past lives, and how to heal them.

Contact Mandy: mandy@pathwaystothelight.co.nz or visit www.pathwaystothelight.co.nz

Mandy HortonAbout Mandy
Mandy Horton founder of Pathways to the Light is a compassionate inspirational Teacher and Healer who genuinely loves to assist her fellow beings. Sharing her own human experiences Mandy transforms your hopelessness into inspiration. Mandy has navigated her way to and through her heart to a state of surrender and love which offers her clients a space of safety to open to their deepest wounds, some of which have affectionately nick named her “Magic Mandy” after transforming their lives through her assistance. Mandy is a Light Practitioner, Spiritual and Life Educator, Cellular Memory Practitioner, Natural/Light Body Healer, Clairvoyant/Medium.Mandy also facilitates two Light Centres/Churches in Whangarei and Kerikeri and travels New Zealand holding workshops, seminars and clairvoyant evenings this has also taken her into Australia, and connected through Skype to many around the world in Canada, UK, Singapore and Ireland.Mandy has featured in a number of articles about Mediums and Clairvoyants in New Zealand and Canada, including an article in NEXT magazine.

Mandy truly is a spark of magic.

More about Mandy can be found on her website www.pathwaystothelight.co.nz