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Parenting: nurturing heart, mind and spirit

The two Drs… Dr Robyn and Dr Rosina bring their knowledge, grand/parenting experiences, humour and their hearts to inspire and empower parents to be their personal best in all aspects of family life. Each episode is filled with helpful advice and resources to help you bring more peace, joy and delight into parenting and grand parenting.

The show is based on the blending of the latest research into parenting, grand parenting and child development with practical advice that really works.  It’s all about learning to be your personal best, authentic grandparent or parent. When you have new knowledge and understanding you can be at your best, then you have the most to offer your children, grandchildren and the world!

Is ‘time out’ a good parenting strategy?

When disciplining children many parents use a strategy known as ‘time-out’, where the child is segregated for a certain period of time – either in the same room but away from others or in another room.

 Parents often choose it as a ‘better’ alternative to yelling or smacking. However if you look at the research, there is evidence that this parenting tool is much more complicated than parents think and some parenting experts even consider it to be a harmful practice. 

 Join us on the next show when we explore the in’s and out’s of “time out!”

 Is it possible to teach children to be aware of their surroundings, tidy and organised? Some of you might be thinking that this would be a miracle, right?

 If you’ve had enough cleaning up after everyone else, then join the two Dr’s as we explore how to inspire your children to be aware of their surroundings, be tidy and organised. Imagine how good it will feel for you, and the positive impact it will have on your children’s lives at home, school and one day at work!

 On this show we will show you how to begin this from as young as a toddler, so that the brain pathways for organisation lead to it being the first and natural response, rather than one bargained for with rewards or punishments.

 Naturally, as you are teaching your child strategies for life you’ll also learn them for yourself. So hang on to your hat, as you transform your daily chores into simple tasks and maybe have some fun while you’re at it.

 We are looking forward to brainstorming organisation with you next month…see you there Dr Robyn and Dr Rosina.

Replays – Parenting: nurturing heart, mind and spirit
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Dr Robyn Mills Dr Robyn Mills (PhD) is an inspirational public speaker, actress, singer/entertainer, marriage celebrant and artist living her vision to make a heart-felt difference in the world through her work. Her focus is on engaging, energising and expanding the goodness in humanity’s heart through her experience, wisdom and intuition.

Robyn has worked in the health profession for over 41 years in many roles including as a psychologist, naturopath and general and psychiatric nurse in emergency departments and in private practice. She is currently the Executive Producer of The Difference Radio network.

Since becoming a grandmother she has been inspired to gather new knowledge and develop her skills on parenting and grand-parenting from Dr Rosina McAlpine. Together they have created a highly successful international radio show empowering children and parents to be their personal best. With humour and humility their journey now takes another leap forward onto a new and exciting platform, Authentic You TV.

For more on Dr Robyn see her website www.drrobynmills.com  

Parenting nurturing heart mind and spirit Dr Rosina Dr Rosina McAlpine (PhD) is an author and parenting educator providing easy to follow practical parenting advice based on the latest research into child development. Dr Rosina hosts a parenting TV show, writes a popular blog and has had numerous articles published in national magazines. Her press citations include ABC, FOX, NBS and CBS. Parents feel empowered to help their children develop life skills like good self esteem, communications skills, resilience, a positive attitude, good nutrition, stress management and emotional intelligence so they can to overcome life’s challenges and succeed. For more on Dr Rosina see her website www.drrosina.com

Since 2011, Rosina has been working with the inspirational Dr Robyn Mills in her role as the Executive Producer of The Difference Radio network. Together they have created the highly successful international radio show supporting parents and grandparents to navigate the many challenges of modern day parenting with the latest research and effective practical approaches that support families to thrive. Now the two Drs get to share their insights on Authentic You TV.