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Gail Taylor - Ignite your passion

Ignite Your Passion

Authentic You Web TV has created an amazing platform enabling her to expand her own Service and Vision. ‘The Power of Passion’ is the 1st session in the series ‘Ignite Your Passion and Live Your Dream,’ which will take participants through a journey of Self Discovery and Expansion, providing many tools and inspirations, free gifts and product offers.  Every session also includes appropriate, beautiful Light Language activations as Spirit speaks through her, plus the opportunity to address your personal questions, either online or via email –info@gailtaylorenergyworks.com

IGNITING YOUR PASSION and LIVING YOUR DREAM  EPISODE 3 Contemplation, Commitment & Courage – the Bridges to success. 
We have ALL chosen to be born into this place & time to rediscover our innate gifts  & abilities – our Passions – for specific purpose.  We know by now, that journeying deep into our Heart to re-discover our Divine Love & Oneness, is the ultimate purpose, and that this discovery opens us up to the Pure Divine Magic of all that is.  During this episode, we will explore more fully, the path of Contemplation, Commitment & Courage as your stepping stones to success, enabling your journey to flow with ease, grace & abundance that you too, may ‘do what you Love & Love what you do.’  This, episode, to me, holds the most important information & energetic activations for you.

       From my Heart…I so Love You

                                                            Love, Light, Laughter & Abundant Blessings on your journey………Gail


Distance Healing Files for specific Issues – Normally $75 – Now just $50
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Ignite Your Passion Replays


Personal SKYPE sessions available –Skype name – ‘Suunsheenah’

Mp3 Healing Files provide the recipient with a series of mp3 files consisting of recorded Light Language & Personal Guidance of Spirit.
The results, from the subtle to the profound, leave the recipient uplifted, with a sense of inner peace, mental clarity & increased energy. They are a convenient way to receive Healing, allowing for radiant transformation.  Received via email, they can be listened to as often & whenever desired.

Requirements are – Birth name, Birth date, Place of Birth & specific Issues to be addressed.

‘Soul Paintings’ are created for You personally or for Groups, Businesses etc. They are a wonderful energy to have in your Home, Office or work space. Requirements are -For Personal Soul Paintings.-  Birth name, Birth date, Place of Birth.

-For Businesses, Groups etc – Name of Business/Group, Focus/Intention of Business/group

– All products are available from her website, with full details – all inquiries welcome.

Her written material at present being collated in readiness for publication include      E Books & a beautiful book “Poetry & Paintings for the Soul – A Divine Gift.”  Her popular Presentations include Monthly meditation/activation evenings &, when guided by Spirit, exciting, Spiritual Growth Presentations over lighted by the Realms of Spirit, full of Love, Light, Laughter & High Energy. Her free Monthly online newsletter channelings from Spirit including powerful Light Language activations.

Gail Taylor

As a Spiritual Growth Presenter, Healing Facilitator, Visionary Painter & Writer, Gail is richly blessed to be a clear Channel for Spirit, bringing through the energies of the “Collective”-The Angelics, Ascended Masters & the Galactic Council of the Federation Of Light.’  This focus is her Passion in Life.  Her channelled ‘Paintings for the Soul’ & Poetry, all are Encoded with specific Vibrations, her Gifts assisting many throughout our World.

Whether it is encoding Paintings or bringing through the energies for mp3 Healing files or Skype sessions, Guided Meditations or Public Presentations, the beautiful Language of Light flows freely through her Voice, clearing discordant energies, balancing & restoring on all levels, reconnecting our dormant DNA & our past Life Skills & Abilities, expanding our Light Bodies & our Consciousness, while deepening our connection with Source, assisting all to truly remember who they are – Divine Beings.

All facets of her work are created with the highest of Integrity & within the vibration of Peace, Love & Oneness – Universal Love – the 5D reality of a unified Heart & Mind.

“The 4D veil of separation is thinning very quickly, resulting in rapid manifestation of  all we are resonating with in that moment & if I am not in that space – it just doesn’t work for me – It’s like I am back in a dualistic world.  As I embrace my Truth & deepen my own connection with ‘All that is’ my levels of Faith, Trust & Knowing expand exponentially, enabling me to fulfil my commitment to my Life’s Purpose gracefully with great Love & Joy.”

More about Gail can be found on her website   www.gailtaylorenergyworks.com

Gail Taylor E: info@gailtaylorenergyworks.com