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Would you like to learn time-proven secrets for accelerating your Spiritual Consciousness and evolutionary journey – and live more limitlessly?

Everyone is on their own spiritual journey yet few know the real destination – or even have a map!

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a bird’s eye view of your life’s territory … to know the most direct route …..

To have masterful information, tools, and techniques to guide you …..

The opportunity to gain all this – and more – is the purpose of Sylvia’s HITCH-HIKER’S GUIDE series – do join us for an illuminating and empowering ride!

YOUR 3 LIGHT BODIES & LIGHT LANGUAGES – their connection & uses Episode 6

In this information-packed programme you will be given little-known explanations of these important concepts of our 3 Light Bodies – yes, we have not just one but 3! – and God’s Language of Light, enabling you to understand and use them better.

This information comes from ancient texts such as the Pistis Sophia from the Nag Hammadi library, which record the resurrected Jesus’ advanced teachings to his disciples when He returned after His ascension.  The true meaning of His statement – the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE – becomes clear!

From her decades of study of such Ancient, Ageless Wisdom, Sylvia explains the origins of Light Bodies and Light Language which clearly show their connection. And most importantly, why this is essential for us to know so we can use them effectively to ‘catapult’ us to the higher reaches of our Spiritual Ascension journey!

You will be able to experience a little of their powerful effect in the Light techniques which Sylvia guides you through during the programme – enjoy new consciousness expansion and feel the Divine Light!

Do join her for another step of Higher Consciousness understanding to help you advance on your Soul Journey!


Hitchhikers Guide to the Real Spiritual Wisdom Replays


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Sylvia Shanti VowlessWho is Sylvia?
Sylvia’s unique work is a rare blend of pure Ancient Wisdom, Higher Teachings from the Divine Mind, and direct multi-dimensional experiences. This she terms ‘OM’ Neshamah Super-Spirituality for Higher Consciousness Evolution.
Her passion since the 1960’s has been the study, research and successful application of such life-transforming ageless secrets and revelations. She delights in sharing their tried ‘n true distillations in today’s modern idiom as part of a ‘Universal Spirituality’ where Science and Spirit meet – today’s consciousness shift requires such spiritual maturity acceleration!
With over a quarter century’s experience as a respected, internationally-recognised Order of Melchizedek Spiritual Educator, Mentor and author, Sylvia has been Guest Teacher and Presenter at twenty-plus international conferences in countries as diverse as Turkey, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Austria, UK, Australasia and USA.                                       
More about Sylvia can be found on her website www.ominternational.co.nz