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Expanding Consciousness TV Series

The great shift that has been spoken of for decades is happening right NOW.  People are awakening to a deeper knowing of who they truly are and our world is transforming molecule by molecule.  It’s true!  We are evolving from a state of 3rd Dimensional reality to that of the 5th Dimension and a time of great change is upon us.  We are here NOW to embrace our divinity and live in alignment with our essence, which is pure LOVE.  Navigating our way through this new state of BEING can be challenging and mystifying until we embrace the keys to spiritual transformation and come from a simple and pure heart.

In each episode, Helen will take you through a process of understanding the keys to embracing the new 5th Dimensional energies and provide practical tools for everyday living so that you can navigate your own transformational journey with ease, grace and joy.  Join Helen as she shares great wisdom and insight from her own journey and channels loving guidance from the spiritual hierarchy who oversee the unfolding divine plan of Mother Earth.

The Mystery and Magic of Ancient Egypt  with Helen Barnes – Episode 8

In this episode, Helen will share some of the magical experiences she had while living in, and more recently visiting, Egypt.  Helen lived at the Pyramids of Egypt in Nazlet el Saman from 2006 through to 2011 and has mostly recently visited this ancient land in January of this year.
The experiences she will share will demonstrate real examples of just how alive and potent the energies and the magic and mystery still is in this timeless land.  She will also offer insights into some fundamental principles that the ancients believed in especially relating to the shadow and she will offer a blessing in ancient sound harmonics directly from her past life in Karnak Temple as a High Priest.

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Helen Barnes Expanding ConsciousnessHelen Barnes is a passionate and inspiring Spiritual Teacher, Healer who lives in a state of surrender, guided and flowing with the rhythms of her own heart.  She is here on Planet Earth at this time to assist humanity navigate their way through this magical time of change and spiritual expansion.  Helen is a channel of the Language of Light, the universal language of all souls.  While based in New Zealand, Helen travels with her work around the world wherever she feels called.
She is the author if two books, several CDs and MP3s.  She has published a deck of Light Language Healing Cards with soundtracks to complement the cards.  The cards and soundtracks are available as an APP from the Apple App Store or in print version from her website.
More about Helen can be found on her website www.keyoflifemysteries.com.

Helen Barnes Ph: +6421938024  E: helen@kolmysteries.com