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Know Yourself……….and heal 

With Joan Berry

Joan Berry AudioNovo


Imagine having a ‘magic wand’ to change your life…..

Imagine learning about your mind and how to improve all areas of your life…..

Imagine raising your awareness and realising your potential…..

Imagine knowing exactly how to unleash the power and riches within to create your very best life.

All you need to do to change your life is learn to understand yourself – it’s as simple as that!

Through this series being offered by Joan Berry from AudioNovo You will be given the opportunity to learn more about yourself, unleashing the ‘real’ you, so your life will flow, the path will be easier and YOU will live in joy.



Episode 4 Part 2 – Does MONEY keep eluding you?

Are you receiving the same life lesson – over and over again?  I think that all of us have experienced life lessons, and it took a while for me to recognise that I needed to do something about them. The lessons were recurring because I was ignoring their message, and the huge potential they offered me to move forward. In the next two sessions with Authentic You T.V. I will explain what I did to move forward with my life and prevent the constant repetition of some very hard lessons. I can help you to move forward and I hope that you will join me in the “MONEY” series of broadcasts.

Know Yourself…… and heal, replays
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When I came to write a summary of who I am, it puzzled me for a while. My opinion is that I am a soul having a physical experience, but after a little more consideration, I came to the conclusion that I am the sum total of all my life experiences.

Whilst I have studied and attended many courses and workshops on Self Improvement and qualified as a Life Coach, my biggest learning curve has been living my life. I have experienced having children, divorce, death, owning and running my own business, travel to many countries and a myriad of ups and downs. This has all given me the opportunity to learn about myself and about others. When I look back on my life with hindsight – always a wonderful thing! – I can see that the most important factor for me was quite clearly that my ‘passions’ had been there from the very beginning and that they had shown me the way forward, or at least tried to show me the way forward, as there were times that I left the obvious path. Not many however, as I have always been driven by my gut feelings and have always chosen the path that made me happiest.

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