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Broadcast from NZ The Land of The First Light


In response to a rapidly changing world, we have launched an internet TV platform ‘Authentic You TV.’

Authentic You Web TV is directly aimed at those who are ready to take steps to create change in their lives, but are perhaps feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the uncertainty that change inevitably brings about. New Zealand Mentors, Visionaries and Practitioners will present ancient knowledge, skills and wisdom in a modern expression over a myriad of topics such as Sacred Geometry, Expanding Consciousness, Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness, Super Foods and more.

A first of its kind for New Zealand, the TV show features a range of thirty minute episodes each complete in itself. Yet the inter-connectedness of the topics will be apparent. An emphasis is made on tangible ways of implementing and applying the content to everyday life. Viewers will have the additional option of taking a topic further with their favorite presenter/s by choosing to attend a workshop or webinar, or perhaps read a book by that presenter. The flexibility of internet TV allows the Show to quickly respond to audience readiness and feedback, keeping it ‘fresh’. The intention behind Authentic You TV is to provide an amazing service to humanity, the first of its kind offering experiences, products and services covering mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing on a WEB TV Platform.